Village house lifting

In recent years, many people have moved to village houses because they are more spacious with cheaper rent, and the air is fresh and pleasant. On the other hand, there is no elevator but only narrow stairs in village houses. Hence, it is challenging to transport large items, such as refrigerators, massage chairs, and sofas, by the stairs alone. The degree of trouble reaches the maximum level when transporting such furniture.

Moving Express understands our customers’ needs and that a crane is the best option to overcome geographical limitations. We will first conduct on-site inspections to comprehend the actual situation, evaluate the necessity to lift the village house, and communicate with the customer to propose a moving plan that best meets their needs. Moving Express is equipped with professional lifting equipment to safely transport large items from the balcony to the home with the crane, providing an ideal solution when moving into the village house. Moreover, we will take extra caution with all items which need lifting and pack them carefully to avoid damage during transportation. If we need to lift the village house, we will state all additional costs on the bill to reassure our customers. We have a standardized cost calculation mechanism to keep it transparent. Some untrustworthy moving companies will deliberately conceal the lifting charges and include sky-high prices on the bill afterward. In those cases, customers have to report to the police and suffer unnecessary losses. Unlike those companies, Moving Express has transparent pricing and will never charge unreasonable fees. With an experienced moving team, reliable lifting equipment, and safe packaging protection, you can enjoy the various benefits of living in a village house.

Schedule for an on-site quote

Send us a quick WhatsApp message to schedule a day and time for our team to visit your home to provide you with a quotation for our moving service! Our team will do a full assessment on what needs moving and will send you a full quotation after the visit, no obligation and no pressure.