Residential moving

The high rent of housing in Hong Kong has changed the living habits of many people. They tend to rent accommodation instead of purchasing. Meanwhile, they often need to relocate their home due to different factors, such as convenience for children’s school, work, proximity to family members, rent adjustment, etc. Although moving to a new residence is exciting, there are different troubles like handling sundries, moving large objects such as electrical appliances and furniture and the worry of damaging and losing clothes, furnishings, and fragile items during the move. Furthermore, accidentally discarding valuables is even more disastrous, not to mention cleaning, weather, traffic, and other problems. Therefore, the pleasure brought by home relocation could quickly diminish.

With Moving Express, home relocation cannot be easier. Home relocation is our most popular moving service in Hong Kong. We will tailor the most suitable plan for each customer and provide professional home relocation advice regardless of the quantity and size of your household items or moving location. With more than ten years of moving experience in Hong Kong, a strong team of truck drivers, and various professional equipment, we are here to solve your troubles during home relocation. Over the years, we have provided comfort to countless families. We continue to receive customers’ positive feedback about the quality and efficiency of our service. Many have even become loyal customers. So schedule a home inspection with Moving Express team, get a free quote, and enjoy your home relocation now!

Schedule for an on-site quote

Send us a quick WhatsApp message to schedule a day and time for our team to visit your home to provide you with a quotation for our moving service! Our team will do a full assessment on what needs moving and will send you a full quotation after the visit, no obligation and no pressure.