Junk removal

Home moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter. You may find many seldom-used, worn-out, or damaged items that need to be discarded. In addition, when designing a new house, the size of the original furniture may not fit the new home or need replacement after many years of use. Hence, people have to discard them and buy new ones. Different waste has different disposal methods. The most common incorrect one is to place the garbage directly in the corridor. Large household waste, such as old sofas and lockers, will block the road and bring extra cleaning work for others. Such disposal is very irresponsible. Moreover, the "Construction Waste Disposal Charging Scheme" has been implemented since 2005. If you dispose of large household waste in the garbage room or station, you will face the risk of being prosecuted. This is because large household waste is regarded as construction waste and must be disposed of in the landfill with designated procedures. Therefore, when moving home, it is essential to arrange garbage collection properly. First, categorize the waste to recycle, donate, resell, and then correctly dispose of them. Moving Express provides a one-stop service for packing, moving, and even garbage collection. Our professional team will provide complete support by cleaning up household garbage, so you do not have to worry about any unfinished jobs after moving. You can enjoy your new home without any burden.

Schedule for an on-site quote

Send us a quick WhatsApp message to schedule a day and time for our team to visit your home to provide you with a quotation for our moving service! Our team will do a full assessment on what needs moving and will send you a full quotation after the visit, no obligation and no pressure.