Furniture assembly

During home relocation, small sundries can be sorted and put into cartons. However, it is more complex for large furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, lockers, etc., which need to be disassembled first for trouble-free transportation and reassembled at the new home. In addition, most people lack experience in furniture assembly because furniture companies usually provide assembly services or staff at a reasonable price. Therefore, with complicated instructions, customers often fear losing a small part will make the furniture unusable. Another concern is that after assembling, they may find a missing step and have to start over. The most common assembly mistakes are the incorrect angle of the nails, too loose or too tight screws, not-aligned boards, improper movements, wrong assembly sequence, etc. Consequently, they need to ask the manufacturer if they can purchase additional parts or the whole furniture becomes wasted.

There are already many tedious tasks in moving house, in addition to furniture assembly. So you may wonder, "what should I do?" You can rest assured that the professionals of Moving Express are experts in furniture assembly and will solve the above problems. We will disassemble and secure the large furniture according to the instructions, reassemble them after moving to the new house, and ensure that they are well-assembled and safe to use. We have more than ten years of experience in moving services. We have assembled furniture for countless families, regardless of size and quantity. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being incapable. Furniture assembly can never be easier with Moving Express!

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