Should you hire a moving company or move house by yourself?

Should you hire a moving company or move house by yourself?

The idea of saving money and having more control when moving house by yourself may seem tempting to some. But organizing items and carrying large furniture can result in sore muscles and chaos. On the other hand, hiring a professional moving company has its unique pros and cons. Read on to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Pros of moving house by yourself

No communication and management hassles with the moving company

Lower labor costs

Greater flexibility and freedom

Full control of the moving time and pace

Power to choose proper tools and protection materials for your valuables

Cons of moving house by yourself

Time and energy to organize all the tasks and sort out solutions

Burden of transporting all items, whether light or heavy

Cost of renting or purchasing moving tools

Responsibility for arranging delivery van and driver

Challenge of handling large objects or special requirements

The risks of collision, damage, or injury without handling experience and professional guidance

Pros of hiring a moving company

Save time: all tasks like sorting, packing, and reassembly are handled more efficiently.

Professional equipment: proper equipment and transportation for seamless moving.

Professional knowledge: expertise and skills for safeguarding furniture and belongings.

Comprehensive services: one-stop service of furniture and objects loading and unloading, storage, transport, installation, etc.

Responsibility: peace of mind with the moving company taking responsibility and providing compensation for damage.

Stress-free experience: hire a trustable moving company, determine the moving date, and rest assured that they will take care of all the work on the moving day.

Cons of hiring a moving company

Premium costs: hiring a moving company usually costs more than moving by yourself.

Unexpected surcharges: some dishonest moving companies will take advantage of concealed fees or extra surcharges in contract terms. Examples are additional charges for navigating stairs and mandatory tipping.


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