House Moving Q&A: Tenement (Tong Lau) House Moving

House Moving Q&A: Tenement (Tong Lau) House Moving

Not many tenement houses in Hong Kong have elevators. Moving into such buildings can only be done by navigating the stairs. Therefore, the higher the floor, the more struggling it becomes. Tenement houses pose unique challenges in moving compared to ordinary housing estates. The process is a challenging course of constant ups and downs, especially with heavy objects. A tiny misstep could damage your possessions or even cause injury. This article will answer all your questions about moving into a tenement house. Follow this guide from an experienced moving company to learn some insider tips.

Common difficulties in tenement house moving

In vintage buildings like tenement houses, stairs are relatively narrow. Generally, only two people can squeeze through at a time, forcing large furniture to be disassembled and packed before being transported down. Therefore, it is crucial to have enough manpower to tackle the challenges. Once you are at the new home, reassembling the furniture is another test for your patience.

Q&A for tenement house moving

If the furniture needs disassembly, will there be a surcharge?

With the extra effort to disassemble and reassemble large furniture during tenement house moving, asking about the relevant cost upfront when you request a quotation is essential. Avoid the unexpected charges that can ambush your budget.

How to avoid damage to valuables when moving into tenement houses?

If you have possessions that need special care, you can request packaging service from the moving company to keep valuable furniture and electrical appliances in pristine condition. Remind moving workers to handle the items with extra caution before moving.

Will the moving service be canceled if the weather is tough during moving?

Weather conditions are unpredictable. On the moving day, assess the weather with your team and decide the best plan. Discuss whether it is suitable to continue moving and make the best arrangements flexibly.

Is there an extra charge if the tenement building has multiple stairs before the elevator lobby?

Although some tenement buildings have elevators, you have to climb several stairs before reaching the elevator lobby. Bring up the potential challenge to your moving company in advance so they can prepare the right tools and sufficient manpower. The anticipation can ensure a smoother move.

Can the moving company provide moving services if I live on the top floor of a tenement building?

If bulky furniture cannot be moved to the top floor of the tenement building, it is necessary to use proper moving equipment, such as cranes and lifting machines, etc. Reach out to a moving company with expertise and rich experience in tenement house moving for an on-site assessment and the best solution.

What should I do when there is no parking space outside the tenement building?

Not every tenement building has enough parking space for vans. Hence, the distance requires extra workers to transport your belongings from the vehicle to the new house and can increase the cost. By communicating with your moving company in advance, they can work out the proper tools and reserve sufficient staff.


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