A Comprehensive Guide to Prepare for House Moving Day: What to Do at the Old and New Houses

A Comprehensive Guide to Prepare for House Moving Day: What to Do at the Old and New Houses

Moving house is a significant milestone in life. Whether you want to move by yourself or plan to hire a moving company, you can make the process easier and more efficient with the proper knowledge. Read on to discover the essential steps on the moving day!

What to consider to reduce the trouble of moving house

The moving day can be overwhelming. From tidying up the old house to arranging the new one, moving day can be chaotic if it is not well-planned. Adequate prior arrangements can make the transition from your old home to your new one smoother.

Pick a lucky moving date and time one month in advance. Then consider making an appointment with a professional moving company to help you select a suitable moving service.

One week before the big day, you can start packing your belongings in labeled cartons with a moving list to keep track of your items. This simple step will help you stay organized, knowing all your belongings are taken care of.

Procedures on the moving day

Procedures in the old house:

Prepare additional moving tools, such as cartons, sealing tape, packaging film, pens, cutters, etc. You will be prepared to pack up immediately, even during the moving process.

Go over your moving list with the moving staff and ensure they know the number of cartons and furniture you are moving. You can also remind them of any other items that need extra attention.

Stay in the old house to oversee the moving process until the workers complete all the work.

Double-check the new house address with the crew before the moving vehicle leaves. Leave an emergency contact number for instant communication during transit.

Before you go, remember to take the readings of your old house’s gas, electricity, and water meters, just in case.

Finally, check your old house to see if anything is missing. After confirming everything is in order, you can head to your new home.

Procedures in the new house:

After arriving at the new house, check the inventory according to the moving list to ensure your cartons and furniture arrived safely without damage or loss.

After that, you can instruct the moving staff to arrange your belongings and furniture in their designated spaces. Then, assemble large furniture like beds, wardrobes, desks, cabinets, etc.

Once all the moving and installation work is complete, it is time to settle the bill for the moving service and any additional costs on the spot.

Start unpacking by taking out necessary supplies and clothing from the cartons and putting your valuables in a safe place in the new house.

Keep all moving invoices for at least three months to provide peace of mind against any disputes.

Finally, consider hiring a professional moving company if you want to move house without any hassles. The expert team will create a custom moving plan to provide a seamless moving experience.


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