House Moving Q&A: How to Move the Piano?

House Moving Q&A: How to Move the Piano?

Playing the piano is a popular choice of extracurricular activity for many families. But have you considered how to move large and valuable items when moving house? Slight negligence during the transition process can end in costly damage. This article will share the seven most common problems with moving large and valuable objects and how to prevent them using the piano as an example.

Is it easier to move the piano by disassembly?

Every piano has a different appearance and comprises precise arrangements of parts. When moving a piano, keeping it in one piece is often the best option. If disassembly is necessary due to location restrictions or other particular reasons, let experienced professionals help.

How many people are needed to move the piano?

Pianos are generally made of solid wood and have complex internal structures, making them very heavy. Therefore, before moving the piano, carefully assess its weight and assign a sufficient number of moving staff (three to five people recommended) to carry it simultaneously. Bringing several strong individuals can avoid damaging the instrument due to excessive weight.

How to protect the piano during transportation?

Most pianos have a delicate finish with a baking varnish painted surface. As a result, any scratches on the body will be very noticeable. Therefore, in addition to bubble wrap and packing tape, wrap your instrument in a protective cloth with cushioning features, such as large protective blankets or elevator protective cloth, before moving. The protective measures will safeguard your piano and ensure it arrives at your new home in the same condition without scratches.

How to move the piano?

Keeping the piano in a steady condition while moving is the secret to safe transportation. Too many bumps during the move can easily cause scratches on the surface. The vibration will also affect its internal strings, causing problems with the piano’s pitch and leading to potential damage.

What to do if the piano cannot enter the elevator or main entrance?

Consider carrying the piano upright when it is too large to enter the elevator or door. Place a thick protective blanket where the piano touches the floor to prevent damage to the painted surface. If it is still tricky, avoid attempting it yourself by contacting a professional moving company ahead of time. They can help you move the piano seamlessly and securely by preparing lifting equipment.

How to arrange the piano after arriving in the new house?

Before placing the piano in the designated location in your new home, protect the floor from scratches and move your piano more easily by capping the piano’s four feet with caster cups. Then remove the protective materials on the piano. Impact on the piano’s pitch is inevitable during the moving process. After completing the house moving, schedule an appointment with a professional for inspection and tune calibration service to ensure your instrument is in its best form.

How can I ensure that the piano will be undamaged during the moving process?

Hiring a reputable and experienced moving company is best if you need to move large and valuable items, such as the piano. Then, you can rest easy knowing their professional workers will safely transport the items to the destination. You can also have peace of mind by purchasing freight insurance for reasonable compensation of your valuables in case of any unfortunate damage.


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